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CASA Slice has launched Roller Blinds for windows, offering complete window treatment and care. Stylish and subtle, it’s the perfect blend of function and fashion, giving a distinct, subtle and neat look to the windows. Here’s a sneak-peak into the latest by CASA Slice.

When it comes to home décor, gone are the days of heavy furnishings. Beauty lies in neatness and versatility. Something, which will adorn your home and look graceful in different settings. The trend indicates a minimalist outlook, so focus on fine lines, clean looks which will blend gorgeously with an array of themes. Setting your home around a theme is the preferred option these days, but one change should not mean that you have to change the complete deacute;cor. Look for versatile pieces, which will look great in different ambience and décor settings.

One such flexible and neat piece, which can beautify your window dressing and give it a subtle look is a Roller Blind. Trendy, clean and versatile, it is the perfect way of dressing a window. If you are doubtful whether a curtain or blind will look better in a window, then play safe with a roller blind. Moreover, if you like the homogeneous design through your home, then roller blind is the option. This versatile piece can go well with windows throughout your house. From the living room to study, kitchen to the bathroom, you can have a roller blind, which is easy to maintain and gives that minimalistic touch.

Below are the many reasons, why you should opt for a roller blind for your home.

1. Function & Fashion: A roller blind takes care of both function and fashion. While it gives a clean and tidy look to your windows, it also prevents sunrays from filtering inside and provides privacy and works as window shades. When it comes to choosing the right window treatment for your home, you should look for something that takes care of both privacy and light. A roller blind can take care of both. During the morning time, when you want to release moisture from your home and embrace the morning sun, you can fold the blinds and at dusk, have them back in place for privacy and solitude.

Along with function, a roller blind is ideal from a fashion point of view. It is sleek and subtle, yet gives a texture transformation to your home. So, you can infuse colours and texture in a room using such window coverings. They come in different colours and you can opt for one that best blends with the room theme and shade.

2. Contemporary & Classical: Whether you want to give that countryside touch to your home décor or modern feel, you can achieve both with these roller shades. It is commonly seen in classy, countryside homes and is a part of modern-day décor. It is for this reason that we call it versatile and apt for every home, every room. If your home has a contemporary set-up, a roller blind will look just made for it. You can choose the colours and design that best goes with the existing décor. Otherwise, simply opt for neutral colours, which can blend well easily. Furthermore, the way they fold also has a classy feel. Most roller blinds fold in the classic Roman style, which makes them truly elegant.

3. Perfect for Every Window: A roller blind is perfect for every window of the house. You can easily have one in the kitchen and bathroom. Yes, it’s an easy and wonderful way of doing your kitchen and bathroom windows. Whether the window is small or big, you can get home blinds customized for it and have it hone your home. If you don’t wish to indulge in customization hassles, then opt for ready-made blinds by simply taking the window measurement. The ready-made blinds come in specific measurement, so you can buy one or more than one as per the window size.

4. Blend with Curtains: If you want, add curtains and roll-up blinds to the windows and experience a different window treatment during the day and night. At dawn, you can have the blinds to your aid and as night falls bring the curtains to play. Blinds are more energy efficient and ensure the perfect flow of light and air as per your fancy. The window edges from where light filters inside are also well-taken care by a blind and offer you the privacy you want in your home. You can go for blinds in contrasting or similar colour as the curtains and give your windows a completely different look.

5. Easy to Maintain: The best part about having blinds at home is that they are easy to maintain. All you need is a cloth to clean it. In case of stains or marks, use a damp cloth and have the kitchen blinds spick and span. It is for this reason, that a blind is considered a perfect option for a kitchen window. So, design your windows beautifully with colourful and contemporary blinds and have a well-designed home. There is something about blinds, they look just apt on a small window. Try them on that small passage or kitchen window and give a distinct touch to your home.

If you are looking for blinds for your home or office, then come explore the latest from the house of CASA Slice – The Roller Blinds. Equipped with auto locking feature, these window roller blinds fold up in classic Roman style. Designed keeping ease of use and maintenance in mind these blinds are made of polyester and you can clean them from the comfort of your home. These roller blinds are coming in different dimensions and colours like snow white, cloudburst, Meadowbrook and red ochre. So, in keeping with the window size, you can explore the blind, which fits the window. And as per the room décor, you can explore the different colour options and have your home windows beautifully done. To view our latest, roller blinds click here.


Have you recently thought of making your home or office more attractive than ever by installing various beautiful blinds in the windows?

Well! The decision of using window blinds is great as the blinds certainly enhance the magnificence of a room.

However, if you are finding it hard to figure out which kind of blinds are the most popular in the country, then have a look at the following points as these will absolutely make your task of choosing a specific type of window blind much easier.

Roller Blinds

One of the most popular blinds at present is none other than the Roller blinds. In such blinds, the fabric is stacked perfectly at the top of the window after wrapping itself neatly around a horizontal tube. The blind has plastic chain sidewinder to help raise and lower the blind. These blinds can be easily cleaned with the help of a cloth and are suitable for all kinds of room. Roller blinds are available in numerous fabrics and coatings. For instance, you can choose from flame retardant, wipe-clean, PVC finishes, and many more.

Venetian Blinds

Another very popular blind is the Venetian blind. These blinds have basically horizontal slats which are fixed with strings or tapes made of cloth strips. During the time of raising the blinds, the slats get stacked up neatly one above the other. These slats can be tilted according to privacy or lighting. It is easily cleanable and appropriate for every type of room. These Venetian blinds are available in both aluminum and wood material.

Vertical Blinds

As the name suggests, Vertical blinds has vertical slats which open from left, right or center. As the slats are vertical, it is less likely to collect dust easily. These blinds not just work well for the smaller windows but also are the best option for the patio doors or floor to ceiling windows. Usage of plastic wand helps tilt the slats and control the light intensity. Vertical blinds can be cleaned with the help of wet wipes or a vacuum cleaner fixed with an upholstery attachment.

Roman Blinds

Alike the Venetian blinds, the Roman blinds also gets stacked up in a similar way. However, while completely lifting the blinds up, the top part of the window gets covered and it blocks the view of the outside to quite an extent. One important point to note here is that Roman blinds are not suitable for places like bathrooms or kitchen because they cannot protect against moisture or high temperatures at all.

Cellular Blinds

Last but certainly not the least, Cellular blind is also a highly-recognized window blind. The hollow space between the front and back fabrics of the blind which looks like honeycombs helps maintain the correct room temperature every time of the year. In addition, these blinds are known to be the most energy-efficient blinds out of the rest window blinds. Another highly vital feature of the Cellular blind is that it reduces noise by 45% consequently enhancing a room’s acoustics.


Now that you have got an insight about the most popular window blinds in the country, hurry up and choose one of the best blinds for windows of your home.


When it comes to making your own personal space attractive, you know how to play up with the strengths, hide the flaws, and making it appealing from every inch. Where colors, wall designs, and furniture play their significant parts in home decor, selection of curtains and blinds cannot be neglected easily.

Moreover, window dressing is considered as the most elegant and functional element which are known for enhancing the ambiance of any room. Talking about the vertical blinds, it is highly appreciated for its enchanting features but if it gets any scratch, your whole window treatment can look dull. So, what is the solution? Are you watchful about your broken vertical blind slats?

The need for replacement

Can vertical blind slats be replaced? This is what the one with broken vertical blind slats would ask. Yes! You can easily replace your vertical blind without facing any problem. All your decorating rules and principle will fail if you have your window section undone.

Opting for vertical blinds, without any doubt, is the best decision one can take. The best Vertical Blinds Delhi not only adds brightness to the blank space but also locks the freshness of the furniture by covering the window effectively. Unlike the traditional horizontal blinds, vertical blinds can be easily replaced. So, in case your vertical blind got scratches, you don’t need to be worried at all but follow our few simple steps by which you can remove the clip that they rest on. Take a look at the four steps provided:

Step: 01

Using the drawstring, open the vertical blind slats in an ‘open’ position, where the edges are sticking from the window.

Step: 02

Vertical blinds possess a chain that holds them together neatly near the top of the blind. Unscrew this chain and thread through the slats till you get the one that you want to replace.

Step: 03

When you take a look at the top of the vertical slat, you will see a small plastic tab that holds the vertical blind in a place where you can easily remove the slat by lifting it and removing it from the back.

Step: 04

Lift the new slat in the required position and place on the hook. Start threading the back chain through the hole and rest of the slats in the line. Now, attach the screw with a screwdriver. Close and open the blinds for a few times to make sure that the new slat sits correctly in the line.


To freshen up your home interior, you need to upgrade it every time and in order to do that, you should be mindful about each and every detail of your home. Vertical blind slats are one such important element which has to be taken care of wisely if you want to make your home a dreamy one. If you find any misplacement in your vertical blind slats, then get rid of it or consider replacing it. It is not important to have much for a knack for designs; a few basic things can go a long way. Also, you can order Vertical Blinds Online India to make your window dressing way more attractive.


Window blinds have become essential for every household due to the benefits they provide. Available in a variety of forms, such as roller blinds, wooden blind, vertical blinds, and motorized blinds, these blinds are a top choice for all windows. But one type of window blinds that stands out is the vertical blinds, due to a variety of reasons.

What are vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds have been there for quite long now, and are suitable for all types of spaces, be it offices or homes. They bring about addition in the contemporary living space, making them look stylish. These vertical blinds are ideal for large doors and windows which are otherwise difficult to cover with other types of blinds. Made up of individual louvers stacked side by side and operated by a cord, the vertical blinds provide privacy, energy efficiency and a contemporary look to any space.

When you need to choose the right vertical blinds for your home, you need to consider a lot of factors that will spin your head in no time. To ease out your trouble, here are some pointers that you must consider before you pick the best Vertical blinds online India.


Before you shop for the best Vertical blinds online India, you need to set a budget. Assess as to how much you can afford to make a change to your window furnishings and then spread that budget across the number of blinds that you purchase. Also, remember to save up some costs for the installation of those blinds as well.

The theme of the home

You cannot blindly choose any blind for your home. You need to consider the theme and the color combination that your house entails, and then choose blinds that complement that theme. Decide between the different looks that you can give to your home. Choose between minimalism and rustic styles, and then purchase Vertical blinds online India accordingly.


Another factor that you need to consider is whether you want those blinds o last long, or will you be changing your blinds frequently. Depending on the duration of your stay, you can choose from the quality of the window blinds. Depending on the situation, you can choose from the quality of blinds available.

Same blinds or different

You need to decide upon the number of windows you will be furnishing, and whether you will be using the same blinds throughout the house. If you want, you can have different blinds for the bathroom and the kitchen, to give them a different look and protect them from heat, moisture, etc.


When you look for the best Vertical blinds online India, you can look for blinds that require the lowest maintenance, as well as the ones that you won’t mind in maintaining. Depending upon the material of the blinds that you pick, you can look as to what level of maintenance the blinds require. Look for something that eases out your hassle.


Vertical blinds are a contemporary addition to any home, in addition to the advantages that they offer. If you haven’t yet installed window blinds to your homes, wait no more and furnish your windows with the best vertical blinds.


Nowadays, it has been a trend of placing window blinds instead of curtains in home, office or anywhere else. And why hesitate to do so if they look so stylish and beautiful.

However, it is not as easy as it seems to choose a blind for your windows. It takes quite a lot of work to make sure that your window is embedded with a suitable blind.

Here, we are going to discuss about the various ways to choose the perfect blinds for your windows.

Purpose of blinds

It is very important to know the reason behind choosing the blinds for your windows. The reasons could vary from person to person. For some, it could be due to increasing the level of privacy in their room. For others, it could be to prevent the excessive sun rays from entering the room. Different reasons could lead to different types of blinds as every blind has its unique set of functions.

Material of blinds

After confirming the purpose of choosing the blinds, the first thing you need to look for is the material of the blinds such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, plastic, and many more. Every other blind with different material will provide different benefits to you.

For instance, the wood blinds are very common and popular among the people as it is easily adjustable and suitable to any kind of room and also is very cheap.

Just like these, there are many more materials to choose from while searching for good blinds for windows of your place.

Features of blinds

Blinds also have various purposes of themselves. For instance, Honeycell blinds are unique cellular blinds which are the most energy-efficient and also help in noise cancellation by 45%. Faux wood blinds are very effective in places where there is a high amount of moisture like bathroom or kitchen.

There are many more blinds which offer various purposes and you can choose the one according to your requirements.

Blind under your budget

While looking for a blind, do not forget about your budget as there are many blinds which you will like immediately but they won’t fit into your budget. Hence, see for everything while choosing a blind but also remember about your fixed budget and buy the one which is not just appropriate for your room but also suits your pocket.

Seek reputed manufacturers

Blinds are not a small thing that you can choose from any random place in the market. Blinds tend to increase the beauty of a place, hence it needs to be bought from a trusted manufacturer which also provides the warranty of getting it covered for two or more years.

Less is more You must have heard of the popular saying that “Excess of anything is harmful”. The same goes to the blinds. If you try to make your small-sized home look beautiful by unnecessarily cluttering it up with excessive blinds then, your place will not look as you expected. That is the reason, you must choose a blind which is not just fulfilling your requirements but also makes your place look spacious and elegant at the same time.

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