Beauty Lies in Neatness & Versatility – Window Blinds

CASA Slice has launched Roller Blinds for windows, offering complete window treatment and care. Stylish and subtle, it’s the perfect blend of function and fashion, giving a distinct, subtle and neat look to the windows. Here’s a sneak-peak into the latest by CASA Slice.

When it comes to home décor, gone are the days of heavy furnishings. Beauty lies in neatness and versatility. Something, which will adorn your home and look graceful in different settings. The trend indicates a minimalist outlook, so focus on fine lines, clean looks which will blend gorgeously with an array of themes. Setting your home around a theme is the preferred option these days, but one change should not mean that you have to change the complete deacute;cor. Look for versatile pieces, which will look great in different ambience and décor settings.

One such flexible and neat piece, which can beautify your window dressing and give it a subtle look is a Roller Blind. Trendy, clean and versatile, it is the perfect way of dressing a window. If you are doubtful whether a curtain or blind will look better in a window, then play safe with a roller blind. Moreover, if you like the homogeneous design through your home, then roller blind is the option. This versatile piece can go well with windows throughout your house. From the living room to study, kitchen to the bathroom, you can have a roller blind, which is easy to maintain and gives that minimalistic touch.

Below are the many reasons, why you should opt for a roller blind for your home.

1. Function & Fashion: A roller blind takes care of both function and fashion. While it gives a clean and tidy look to your windows, it also prevents sunrays from filtering inside and provides privacy and works as window shades. When it comes to choosing the right window treatment for your home, you should look for something that takes care of both privacy and light. A roller blind can take care of both. During the morning time, when you want to release moisture from your home and embrace the morning sun, you can fold the blinds and at dusk, have them back in place for privacy and solitude.

Along with function, a roller blind is ideal from a fashion point of view. It is sleek and subtle, yet gives a texture transformation to your home. So, you can infuse colours and texture in a room using such window coverings. They come in different colours and you can opt for one that best blends with the room theme and shade.

2. Contemporary & Classical: Whether you want to give that countryside touch to your home décor or modern feel, you can achieve both with these roller shades. It is commonly seen in classy, countryside homes and is a part of modern-day décor. It is for this reason that we call it versatile and apt for every home, every room. If your home has a contemporary set-up, a roller blind will look just made for it. You can choose the colours and design that best goes with the existing décor. Otherwise, simply opt for neutral colours, which can blend well easily. Furthermore, the way they fold also has a classy feel. Most roller blinds fold in the classic Roman style, which makes them truly elegant.

3. Perfect for Every Window: A roller blind is perfect for every window of the house. You can easily have one in the kitchen and bathroom. Yes, it’s an easy and wonderful way of doing your kitchen and bathroom windows. Whether the window is small or big, you can get home blinds customized for it and have it hone your home. If you don’t wish to indulge in customization hassles, then opt for ready-made blinds by simply taking the window measurement. The ready-made blinds come in specific measurement, so you can buy one or more than one as per the window size.

4. Blend with Curtains: If you want, add curtains and roll-up blinds to the windows and experience a different window treatment during the day and night. At dawn, you can have the blinds to your aid and as night falls bring the curtains to play. Blinds are more energy efficient and ensure the perfect flow of light and air as per your fancy. The window edges from where light filters inside are also well-taken care by a blind and offer you the privacy you want in your home. You can go for blinds in contrasting or similar colour as the curtains and give your windows a completely different look.

5. Easy to Maintain: The best part about having blinds at home is that they are easy to maintain. All you need is a cloth to clean it. In case of stains or marks, use a damp cloth and have the kitchen blinds spick and span. It is for this reason, that a blind is considered a perfect option for a kitchen window. So, design your windows beautifully with colourful and contemporary blinds and have a well-designed home. There is something about blinds, they look just apt on a small window. Try them on that small passage or kitchen window and give a distinct touch to your home. If you are looking for blinds for your home or office, then come explore the latest from the house of CASA Slice – The Roller Blinds. Equipped with auto locking feature, these window roller blinds fold up in classic Roman style. Designed keeping ease of use and maintenance in mind these blinds are made of polyester and you can clean them from the comfort of your home. These roller blinds are coming in different dimensions and colours like snow white, cloudburst, Meadowbrook and red ochre. So, in keeping with the window size, you can explore the blind, which fits the window. And as per the room décor, you can explore the different colour options and have your home windows beautifully done. To view our latest, roller blinds click here.

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