Roller Blinds Vs. Curtains? Which is a better option for your home?

Blinds and curtains have a big impact on the look and feel of your home. It is the right window dressing, which can make and break a room. So, if you thought you can take care of the window treatment later, well it might turn out to be a mistake. These are essential elements in home renovation and making, and should never be overlooked. In fact, when you design your home you should take into cognizance the complete picture, i.e. the room colour, size, furniture and window treatment. It is all these components together, which can give your room a distinct look and feel. These days there are a lot of options when it comes to window treatment and one tends to get swayed. But, broadly there are two options, curtains or blinds and let’s assess room wise, which is the perfect option.

1. Living Room: The living room is one of the most important in your home. It is where you meet your friends and acquaintances. Most people will form an impression about you from the living room as they may not even see the rest of your house. So, doing your living room window treatment to perfection is essential. If you want to give that homey and relaxed touch to your living room, then go for designer curtains online, which can reflect this kind of style. But, if you wish to give a minimal touch and have it classic, then roller blinds are the go-to option. In terms of colour and pattern choice, you will have a lot of opportunity in both curtains and blinds.

2. Bed Room: When it comes to choosing between a curtain or blind for your bedroom, then let the size and function be the guide. If your bedroom size is small, then going for roller blinds can be ideal. Sleek and subtle, they give the feel of more space and you can mount them just a few inches below the ceiling to give the height effect. It will make the windows look huge giving the feel of more height and space. But, if the bedroom is big, then you can easily opt for window curtains and give a warm, cuddly feel to your haven. Another important factor is if the room gets a lot of natural light and privacy is of utmost concern, then opt for roller blinds. They cover the complete window and can give the dark room effect easily. However, if you like a fair play of natural light in your bedroom, then curtains can be perfect too. But, as far as kids room is concerned, opt for curtains, so the little munchkins can play hide and seek all day long.

3. Kitchen: For the kitchen, undoubtedly the roller blinds make a perfect option as these are easy to clean and maintain. If they get splashed, while cooking you can easily wipe them with a damp cloth and have them grace your kitchen. But, when it comes to curtains you will need to machine wash them. Moreover, curtains have a greater risk of catching fire. So, kitchen roller blinds will definitely be a better option in this space.

4. Bathroom: Like the kitchen, roller blinds are the right option for the bathroom too. It is the easy maintenance, which makes it score over curtains. In the bathroom, you can put a roller shade, and in case of moulds due to dampness, you can clean them with ease. Moreover, bathroom space is usually small if you are living in an apartment, so a blind will look clean and classy while occupying little space.

So, other than your personal preference, let the room size, privacy, and illumination guide you in choosing between window blinds or curtains. Both are versatile pieces of furnishing and can do wonders for any space. If you are looking for roller blinds or curtains, then check the newest collection by CASA Slice  here. Our recent launch is colourful, classy and chic and can enhance the grace of each room of your home as per your expectations.

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