What are the most popular blinds?

Have you recently thought of making your home or office more attractive than ever by installing various beautiful blinds in the windows?

Well! The decision of using window blinds is great as the blinds certainly enhance the magnificence of a room.

However, if you are finding it hard to figure out which kind of blinds are the most popular in the country, then have a look at the following points as these will absolutely make your task of choosing a specific type of window blind much easier.

Roller Blinds

One of the most popular blinds at present is none other than the Roller blinds. In such blinds, the fabric is stacked perfectly at the top of the window after wrapping itself neatly around a horizontal tube. The blind has plastic chain sidewinder to help raise and lower the blind. These blinds can be easily cleaned with the help of a cloth and are suitable for all kinds of room. Roller blinds are available in numerous fabrics and coatings. For instance, you can choose from flame retardant, wipe-clean, PVC finishes, and many more.

Venetian Blinds

Another very popular blind is the Venetian blind. These blinds have basically horizontal slats which are fixed with strings or tapes made of cloth strips. During the time of raising the blinds, the slats get stacked up neatly one above the other. These slats can be tilted according to privacy or lighting. It is easily cleanable and appropriate for every type of room. These Venetian blinds are available in both aluminum and wood material.

Vertical Blinds

As the name suggests, Vertical blinds has vertical slats which open from left, right or center. As the slats are vertical, it is less likely to collect dust easily. These blinds not just work well for the smaller windows but also are the best option for the patio doors or floor to ceiling windows. Usage of plastic wand helps tilt the slats and control the light intensity. Vertical blinds can be cleaned with the help of wet wipes or a vacuum cleaner fixed with an upholstery attachment.

Roman Blinds

Alike the Venetian blinds, the Roman blinds also gets stacked up in a similar way. However, while completely lifting the blinds up, the top part of the window gets covered and it blocks the view of the outside to quite an extent. One important point to note here is that Roman blinds are not suitable for places like bathrooms or kitchen because they cannot protect against moisture or high temperatures at all.

Cellular Blinds

Last but certainly not the least, Cellular blind is also a highly-recognized window blind. The hollow space between the front and back fabrics of the blind which looks like honeycombs helps maintain the correct room temperature every time of the year. In addition, these blinds are known to be the most energy-efficient blinds out of the rest window blinds. Another highly vital feature of the Cellular blind is that it reduces noise by 45% consequently enhancing a room’s acoustics.


Now that you have got an insight about the most popular window blinds in the country, hurry up and choose one of the best blinds for windows of your home.

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