Can vertical blind slats be replaced?

When it comes to making your own personal space attractive, you know how to play up with the strengths, hide the flaws, and making it appealing from every inch. Where colors, wall designs, and furniture play their significant parts in home decor, selection of curtains and blinds cannot be neglected easily.

Moreover, window dressing is considered as the most elegant and functional element which are known for enhancing the ambiance of any room. Talking about the vertical blinds, it is highly appreciated for its enchanting features but if it gets any scratch, your whole window treatment can look dull. So, what is the solution? Are you watchful about your broken vertical blind slats?

The need for replacement

Can vertical blind slats be replaced? This is what the one with broken vertical blind slats would ask. Yes! You can easily replace your vertical blind without facing any problem. All your decorating rules and principle will fail if you have your window section undone.

Opting for vertical blinds, without any doubt, is the best decision one can take. The best Vertical Blinds Delhi not only adds brightness to the blank space but also locks the freshness of the furniture by covering the window effectively. Unlike the traditional horizontal blinds, vertical blinds can be easily replaced. So, in case your vertical blind got scratches, you don’t need to be worried at all but follow our few simple steps by which you can remove the clip that they rest on. Take a look at the four steps provided:

Step: 01

Using the drawstring, open the vertical blind slats in an ‘open’ position, where the edges are sticking from the window.

Step: 02

Vertical blinds possess a chain that holds them together neatly near the top of the blind. Unscrew this chain and thread through the slats till you get the one that you want to replace.

Step: 03

When you take a look at the top of the vertical slat, you will see a small plastic tab that holds the vertical blind in a place where you can easily remove the slat by lifting it and removing it from the back.

Step: 04

Lift the new slat in the required position and place on the hook. Start threading the back chain through the hole and rest of the slats in the line. Now, attach the screw with a screwdriver. Close and open the blinds for a few times to make sure that the new slat sits correctly in the line.


To freshen up your home interior, you need to upgrade it every time and in order to do that, you should be mindful about each and every detail of your home. Vertical blind slats are one such important element which has to be taken care of wisely if you want to make your home a dreamy one. If you find any misplacement in your vertical blind slats, then get rid of it or consider replacing it. It is not important to have much for a knack for designs; a few basic things can go a long way. Also, you can order Vertical Blinds Online India to make your window dressing way more attractive.

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